Pirates of the Broken Coast

New Faces, Old Faces
Come on baby, light my fire!

It has been three months since the group acquired the UFTIEBOIML and set up shop on Chaser Island in Five Fingers. During that time, Sartorian died from complications caused by the chicken rocks disease (the sickness had upgraded itself to the slates before he died). Yasu decided to take a break from adventuring in order to take care of the still-lobotomized Captain Reynolds and also to help with Jasper‘s rehabilitation after his mind became fused with that of a Cyriss-worshipping warcaster. Shas has still been using the ship as a home but he’s kept most of his activities during this time a secret, though he has warmed up to Frerun and Yasu as time has passed and actually seems to enjoy their company. Several members of the “B-team” have taken on second jobs while Jared worked (without success) to acquire a privateer charter from the Ordic navy. Franco has worked as a bouncer at Arlon’s club. Jerry, Sara, and Grola have been working odd jobs around town, mostly as hired muscle. Frerun has not done much of anything. The doctor has probably been doing too much.

This (relatively) quiet life was quickly changed when an unknown attacker assaulted Sara and burned her with an alchemical grenade. Jerry tried to help her but was also attacked with a grenade and died from his burns. Sara survived but her injuries were severe and would leave her horribly scarred for the rest of her life. Shortly after this, a young woman was abducted from the nearby market and later found immolated on the street in a praying position.

These attacks were the latest in a recent string of similar incidents occurring around town. Due to his habit of burning skeevers with a similar compound, the gobber known as “Rupert” had previously been arrested for the crimes. After trying to escape several times (and partially succeeding a few of those times), the local constables put him in a box to contain him. After these newest attacks, the sheriff knew he had the wrong man, but he also knew the public would riot if they didn’t get to exact justice soon. With their own police force out of clues, the sheriff reached out to Aston Martinez, a freelancer with a penchant for getting things done. Aston decided to use Rupert’s alchemical expertise to help find the real culprit. Their first stop was to visit the scenes of the two newest attacks.

At the scene of the attack on Jerry and Sara, Frerun showed the investigators her own discoveries about the case, including a trail leading from Jerry and Sara to where the second girl was attacked. She also noted how the attacker knew how to move so as to avoid any city patrols. When the doctor was the given the corpse of the girl to perform an autopsy, he discovered several religions markings written on her body, and also discovered the girl was in a praying position when she was immolated. After a local apothacary’s testimony stating the killer’s alchemical signature and religious motifs matched those of a Morrowan battle chaplain, the investigators and Frerun visited a local church to find more clues.

When questioning the priest, who was an ex-battle chaplain himself, the group noted his strange demeanor. Further questioning revealed he knew of an old battle chaplain who perfectly matched the description of the killer. He also revealed the suspect visited a prostitute on a regular basis. The investigators had previously been told that one of the victims was a prostitute, so they decided to question some of the local prostitutes at the island’s red-light district. She revealed she knew the man in question, and that he typically took girls to an abandoned ’jack workshop in the Gearworks section of the island.

Upon arriving at the workshop the characters saw that the lights inside were on. As a gesture of trust, Aston chose to unshackle Rupert and have him sneak inside to unlock the doors and let the others in. Shortly after unlocking the door, the sound of Aston’s warlock alerted the killer to the group’s presence. The killer had been preparing to burn a new girl by cleaning her and writing religious symbols on her, but upon seeing the group he activated a pair of dormant warjacks and then killed himself with a knife. A battle ensued and the characters destroyed the ’jacks. The girl was traumatized but safe.

Now that Rupert was exonerated, he felt he needed a little adventure outside of Five Fingers for a while. Aston had some business up north, so he invited Rupert along with him. Aston booked the UFTIEBOIML for passage, and the crew prepared for departure.

Bacon saved!

A small town North of Merin calls for aid from the terrible onslaught of pig-men. After the town lost nearly 10% of its population to these brutes four heroes ride in from the South. Mayor Henry D. Pickle informs the heroes about the recent events so the heroes gather up some bait, in the form of pigs, and wait at the Johnson farm till nightfall.

As the sun sets the four began hear sounds of pig-men coming from the forest near the farm. After a while longer a small band of brutish looking pig-men show up and spring the traps, laid by the four heroes earlier that evening. Then the battle begins with the loud crack of a rifle and the squeals of pain, as a bullet pierces a pig-mans flesh. The heroes continue battling these pig-men, on into the night, risking life and limb to defeat the great evil and save the small town of Bacon from a terrible ironic fate. As the sun dawns on a new day the, oh so humble, heroes decide to wait around to claim their reward from the mayor (Hey even humble heroes gotta eat).

After claiming their reward and being honored by the mayor as the saviors of Bacon the four heroes mount up and ride off into the sunset (well actually they rode off slightly after lunch but the sunset makes for a better ending scene).


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