Pirates of the Broken Coast

Bacon saved!

A small town North of Merin calls for aid from the terrible onslaught of pig-men. After the town lost nearly 10% of its population to these brutes four heroes ride in from the South. Mayor Henry D. Pickle informs the heroes about the recent events so the heroes gather up some bait, in the form of pigs, and wait at the Johnson farm till nightfall.

As the sun sets the four began hear sounds of pig-men coming from the forest near the farm. After a while longer a small band of brutish looking pig-men show up and spring the traps, laid by the four heroes earlier that evening. Then the battle begins with the loud crack of a rifle and the squeals of pain, as a bullet pierces a pig-mans flesh. The heroes continue battling these pig-men, on into the night, risking life and limb to defeat the great evil and save the small town of Bacon from a terrible ironic fate. As the sun dawns on a new day the, oh so humble, heroes decide to wait around to claim their reward from the mayor (Hey even humble heroes gotta eat).

After claiming their reward and being honored by the mayor as the saviors of Bacon the four heroes mount up and ride off into the sunset (well actually they rode off slightly after lunch but the sunset makes for a better ending scene).


Franco was very disappointed that a statue was not erected to honor the brave heroes.

Bacon saved!

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