Captain Edward Reynolds

Magic-wielding captain of the HMS Dream


Race: Human (Caspian)
Archetype: Gifted (Will Weaver)
Careers: Arcanist, Military Officer, Pirate


Born within the walls of Caspia to a family with a long naval tradition, Edward Reynolds could not wait to pirate his own ship. After two years of study with the Fraternal Order of Wizardry he attended the Cygnaran Royal Academy and graduated with honors.

Despite a solid education the wait list of captaincy is typically several years, but through some family connections he managed to acquire a privateer charter in only a few short months, and shortly after that he acquired the HMS Dream. As a result of this, however, he never actually had any sailing experience before stepping foot on his own boat for the first time.

Eventually the Dream was sunk off the coast of Giant’s Head island. Reynolds himself also sunk into a depression as his status as a captain was put under review. His spirits lifted once he passed the test, but he still did not get a new ship.

Shortly after arriving on Shakespier’s island, the group witnessed several occurrences of people with strange scars on their foreheads. These people acted very strangely and always seemed to take Shakespeare’s side in an argument. When he tried to confront Shakespeare about it, Reynolds was taken prisoner and subjected to the same procedure. He was eventually rescued by the rest of the group, but the captain was no longer the same…

Captain Edward Reynolds

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