Commodore Shakespier

Cygnarran military figure. Has gone full Colonel Kurtz


Race: Human (Caspian)
Archetype: Mighty
Careers: Man-At-Arms, Stormsmith


Commodore Shakespier’s early life is something of a mystery. The first solid records of his existence are when he enlisted into the Cygnarran military as a teenager. From there he rose swiftly through the ranks, becoming one of the youngest Commodore’s in Cygnar history.

As successful as he was, Shakespier had further ambitions. He was a big man with big dreams. Dreams which seem to involve dissolving borders between nations and peoples to create an age of peace. He has laid a solid foundation to make this dream a reality; recruiting privateers, other military leaders, politicians, spies, scientists, artists, and monsters to join his cause.

At some point in his travels he happened upon an island which became something of a homebase. It is here he communes with the elements and pens his trademark melodramatic speeches. It is also here that our intrepid heroes found his secret medical laboratory hidden deep beneath the island’s lone mountain, freaked out, and stole the Commodore’s flag ship.

The Commodore’s current activities are unknown.

Commodore Shakespier

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