Franco Salazar

Don't call me FRANK!


Race: Human (Ryn)
Archetype: Mighty
Careers: Soldier, Man-At-Arms


Franco is a man of many talents. When he was a young boy he moved from a small town in Llael to Caspia, the Cygnaran capitol. His main reasoning behind this was to overcome the stereotypes about him being Llaelese. After moving to Caspia he joined the Cygnaran military and soon rose in the ranks to become a strong Cygnaran soldier.

Even though he dislikes the Llaelese stereotypes that are frequently placed on him, Franco Salazar is stil proud of his Rynnish heritage. He is excellent at wielding a shield and halberd and he is ready to use them on you if you happen to call him Frank.

Franco has taken a more mercenary attitude about life as of late. During the B-team’s first adventure he displayed a callous (but proficient) attitude toward animal handling, especially horses. Due to his massive stature he has also adopted a “might makes right” attitude when it comes to arguments with others. Despite these failings he is still a soldier at heart and will follow orders with little questioning.

Franco Salazar

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