Hok "Rupert" Walugun

He's just a poor boy from a poor family....


Race: Gobber
Archetype: Skilled
Careers: Guttersnipe Alchemist


Raised in the Five Fingers sewers and living mostly off his wits and skigg meat, Hok Walugun decided one day to adventure outside of his dank dark home into the light of the city. At this time Hok realized he was so much smaller than many of the other inhabitants of his new surroundings that he could possibly go unseen.

As Hok explored the city he found something very interesting in a small shack in the industrial district. That something was a small alchemical lab, but in particular a red liquid in a glass bottle that was on fire. As the days and weeks passed Hok returned to the shack to observe the people there preparing these different alchemical compounds. One day Hok finally gets up enough nerve to attempt to steal the red fiery liquid. Right as he makes it to the bottle he is apprehended by one of the assistants. To his surprise this person is no human but a gobber just like him.

He comes to find this gobber’s name is Rupert and he is one of the chief alchemist’s assistants. Rupert tells Hok that he can help him learn about alchemy as long as he doesn’t try to steal anything from the shack. Hok agrees to these terms and begins learning about the different alchemical compounds and how to create them. One afternoon when Hok is on his way back to the shack he notices a large amount of smoke coming from that direction. As he hurries to the shack he finds it completely ablaze. As he gets closer he notices Rupert’s body outside badly burnt. He quickly makes his way over to Rupert and finds out that the Alchemist had made a bad concoction of Menoth’s fury which exploded into a massive ball of fire catching everyhing in the shack on fire. Rupert then hands Hok a book of recipes, he somehow managed to save, as he coughs up some soot and breaths his last breath.

Hok takes the book back with him to the sewer and begins experimenting, at first just on the the roaches, but soon on the skiggs and himself. Hok decides that in memory of his fallen friend he will now be call himself “Rupert” and he vows to master the art of alchemy, particularly Menoth’s fury. To this day Rupert roams the sewers and city lighting the occasional skigg on fire and gathering more reagents and books for his new found hobby.

Hok "Rupert" Walugun

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