Jasper Applewhite

Brain Damaged Savant Warcaster


Race: Human (Thurian)
Archetype: Gifted (Focuser)
Careers: Warcaster Arcane Mechanik


A love triangle, an explosion, and alcoholism to placate his fogged mind.

Jasper was once a mechanical genius living in Five Fingers who was betrayed by his best friend, who went on to marry Jasper’s sweetheart. Jasper found solace in drinking, but this triggered psychic outbursts which manifested in taking control of the nearest jack. These outbursts tended to happen in the middle of a populated city.

Our intrepid heroes found Jasper, and through a heartfelt speech and constant support by Yasumoto, Jasper has beaten his alcoholism and is slowly learning to control jacks consciously again via a robotic spider construct which Jasper has already begun customizing and improving

He is good friends with Jared.

Jasper Applewhite

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