Where the hell is Jerry!


Race: Human (Morridane)
Archetype: Skilled
Careers: Trencher Rifleman


Jerry is a Cygnaran military man who loves to shoot things. He seems to get lost a lot and really hates the ocean, mostly because he gets seasick all the time. He happens to be the best shot in the entire crew but since everyone always forgets he exists he never gets his time to shine.

Jerry recently became one of the saviors of Bacon, a small town to the north of Merin. To do this Jerry single-handedly took down the largest pig-man monster thing hes ever seen with his trusty rifle. In honor of his epic achievement he has decided to name his trusty rifle the “Baconator”. Jerry also found out during his recent adventure that he really likes “bacon pizza”, an Ordic dish that consists of bread shaped like a pie covered in bacon.


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