Nicolai (Nikki)

Street snitch


Race: Human (Khard)
Archetype: None
Career: Snitch


Nikki grew up on the streets of Korsk where he started working for the Kayazy as a numbers runner. He fled the city, and later the entire empire, when the Kayaz realized he had been taking a part of the profits for himself and put a bounty of his head.

He eventually made his way to Five Fingers and made quite a name for himself as an information broker. After saving enough money he finally managed to pay off the Kayazy so they would remove the bounty, but life in the Port of Deceit suited Nikki well and so he decided to make it his permanent home. He has been there long enough to now have a unique blend of Khard and Thurian accents.

When Commodore Shakespier began calling diplomats to his island, King Baird chose to also send lieutenants of the pirate high captains, as he knew they would have a larger influence and better rapport with the commodore. The high captains sent Nikki to the island in the hopes that he would uncover all the dirty secrets of the other diplomats on the island.

After the attack on the Power Down Pub, Nikki as well as most of the Ordic diplomats decided to leave the island.

Nicolai (Nikki)

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