Jan Rosencrantz

Protege of Shakespier captaining the HMS Ascendant Hellena


Race: Human (Midlunder)
Archetype: Intellectual
Careers: Military Officer


Jan Rosencrantz was formerly the quartermaster aboard Commodore Shakespier‘s ship while the latter was still a captain. Once Shakespier was given the title of commodore he recommended to the Cygnaran navy that Rosencrantz be given his own ship. Through the commodore’s influence Rosencrantzs’ appointment to captain was guaranteed, but the navy still had to at least give the appearance of a test. He competed with Captain Edward Reynolds for captaincy of the HMS Ascendant Hellena, and even though Edwards and his crew did most of the work the ship was still given to Rosencrantzs.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Jan Rosencrantz

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