Shas Menellyth

A sneaky elf with a plan


Race: Elf (Iosan)
Archetype: Intellectual
Careers: Seeker, Duelist


The group encountered Shas at the Power Down Pub on Shakespier’s Island, where he was looking for information on the people with scars on their heads. Their meeting with him was interrupted by the attack on the pub, but he later met back up with the group at their tent. Since the group now appeared to also be on the trail for information regarding the people with scars, Shas decided to follow them.

Their investigation led to a secret prison inside the island’s mountain where several prisoners, including Captain Edward Reynolds, were being experimented on by Herr Doktor. Shas was one of the people in favor of taking the doctor with them as they left the prison, though his motivations had little to do with saving the captain.

Not much is currently known about Shas’s past. He only recently revealed that he was a member of the Seekers. He appears to have a keen interest in the Doctor’s work regarding the effect it has on a person’s soul, but the reason behind this is not yet known.

Upon reaching the mainland after leaving Shakespier’s island, Shas made contact with other elves in order to acquire a laboratory for the Doctor to work in, but was told it would require a large sum of money to get started.

Shas Menellyth

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