Herr Doktor

The Picasso of Body Parts


Race: Cephalix
Archetype: Intellectual
Career: Artist, Surgeon


Herr Doktor is a Cephalix who was captured by Commodore Shakespier during a raid on a Cryxian base. While in captivity he managed to incapacitate a guard and turn him into a mindless Drudge. Shakespier was impressed by the doctor’s ability to turn a loyal Cygnaran into his slave, so he had the doctor transferred to his personal island where he would operate on those that opposed the Commodore’s plans.

The doctor was given proper accommodations at the island in order to do his work. The ones that survived his operations were sent back out into the world as very loyal fans of Shakespier; those that did not were turned into Drudges and used as prison guards. The doctor did not mind his captivity as long as his work was not interrupted. Shakespier also began sending students to watch the doctor operate in order for them to eventually replicate the doctor (unbeknownst to him the Commodore was planning to kill him as soon as the students managed to replicate his techniques).

The doctor was eventually “freed” by the intrepid heroes when they raided his prison in order to save the rest of their crew. The group decided to take the doctor with them in order to possibly reverse the effects of the operations. The doctor did not mind this change of plans; sometimes a change of scenery and perspective can help one with new ideas for their research.

Herr Doktor

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