Yasumoto "Serpico" Macklin

Boatswain, Part-time Police Officer, Florist, Brawler, Freelance Social Worker


Race: Ogrun
Archetype: Skilled
Careers: Pugilist, Korune, Investigator

Hobbies include: Botany, underground boxing (though that was a short-lived legitimate career), volunteering. He is also an amateur mechanic.


Yasumoto has been to every bad town and stinking dive in the Fingers at least once. He’s been a boozer, a user, and a loser. His friends were dealers, cons and eighteen-karat pimps, but now he’s gone straight, more or less. He’s a good cop.

A good, bad cop.

He’ll solve the case, no matter how high the seas OR the stakes.

Yasumoto "Serpico" Macklin

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