Garret Howland

Wandering gun priest with a sordid past


Race: Human (Caspian)
Archetype: Gifted (Will Weaver)
Careers: Gun Mage, Highwayman, Priest


During his younger years, Garret Howland was a troublemaker. He discovered his arcane abilities, and his fondness for pistols, at an early age. The Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest recruited him at the young age of 16, and he served in the military with great zeal as well as great pride. But when his tour of duty was up and his petition for officer training was rejected, Garret found himself on the streets with no useful skills other than fighting.

Gun mages are in great demand among criminal enterprises, and it wasn’t long before Garret was doing all sorts of odd jobs for the Four Star Syndicate. His preference for the outdoors made the life of a highway robber quite easy for him. At first he fancied himself a sort of savior of the poor, for he began his career only targeting rich merchant caravans. But when nearby border skirmishes between Khadoran and Cygnaran forces caused the merchants to switch routes, it wasn’t long before Garret started targeting anyone he could find. Eventually the merchants started using his roads, but by that point Garret Howland had become a very callous and unforgiving man.

Garret spent nearly 20 years as a criminal, and eventually that lifestyle took a toll on him. He suffered from depression over his actions, and taking to the bottle was the only way he could sleep most nights. Other nights he wouldn’t sleep at all. When he found a book containing Morrowan scriptures in the bag of spoils from of his recent heists, curiosity got the best of him and he started reading. That night he once again couldn’t sleep, but this time it was because Garret had renewed purpose. He stayed up until dawn reading the scriptures, and when he finally passed out from exhaustion, he slept for a full day.

The next morning, he awoke with a fire in his eyes that nobody had seen in many years. He immediately left his criminal connections behind and traveled to the nearest monastery where he began his induction into the Morrowan church. After his training was complete, Garret went back out into the world in order to spread the teachings of Morrow. His long career as a criminal had tempered his enthusiasm with the knowledge that many people out there would not listen to a pacifist preacher, so he continues to keep his collection of guns at his side. He tries his best to resolve situations peacefully now, but is not afraid to put a bullet in someone if he thinks they need it.

Garret Howland

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