HMS Dream

Category: Sailing Ship

Masts: 2

Cannons: 4

Description: The first ship manned by the current group, the HMS Dream (formerly the Wet Dream) was a two-masted sailing ship with four cannons. It’s previous owner was a pirate who was executed shortly before the group took control of the ship. Captain Edward Reynolds‘s father used his connections to secure the ship for his son, who never bothered replace the ship’s terrible name.

While not the fastest ship in the Cygnaran fleet, the Dream was able to transport the group during their first adventures, including chasing down the infamous Cryxian pirate ship the Hellkite. The crew aided the group with cannon fire as they boarded the Hellkite and finally managed to destroy it shortly after the group killed its captain.

Yasumoto “Serpico” Macklin set up a small garden of daisies at the bow of the ship.

The HMS Dream was sunk during a naval battle with a small fleet led by an unnamed totem hunter. Yasumoto managed to save the daisies from the garden before it sunk.

HMS Dream

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